Halloween costs can add up: decorations, costumes, candy and more! Here are some fun and easy tricks to save money this Halloween, while still enjoying the holiday to the fullest.

Easy tricks to save you money this Halloween

Candy coupons or sales

Check out if any local grocery stores have coupons or sales on candy. You can do this either by popping into the store or scouring their online coupons.

Halloween tricks (and treats) to save you money


Consider doing a DIY costume with things you already have around the house. Another money-saving option is to do a costume swap with a friend (same can be done with the kid’s costumes). Or, if you have kids, consider going to a thrift shop and giving them each $10 to create their own costumes.

DIY décor

There are so many cute and creative ways to decorate without breaking the bank. Pinterest always has great DIY ideas for décor, as well as many other blogs and online DIY sites. Do some research and get creative. This can be especially fun if you involve your kids or grandkids in the process.


Consider buying costumes and decorations off season. You can do this by either buying everything last minute, or right after Halloween ends for next year.

Free local events

Community centres and libraries will often have information about free, family-friendly events during Halloween. Also, consider checking out the “events” section of Facebook to find free or low cost events in your area.

Halloween tricks (and treats) to save you money

Create free or affordable traditions

Not every tradition has to cost money. Help save yourself money by coming up with fun and memorable traditions that cost little to no money. For example: go for a nice long walk or hike every year, carve pumpkins and bake the seeds, watch a spooky movie at home, help the kids put on a Halloween themed play, and make decorations together.

Invest in items that can be re-purposed

If you do decide to spend money on something for Halloween, try to think of ways it can be re-purposed. For example, a pumpkin serving plate that can be used for Thanksgiving as well. Or consider buying costume pieces that can be used year after year for different costumes (like a wig or cape).

If you think we missed any awesome money-saving tips for Halloween, be sure to share them in the comments section!

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