As part of our Q&A series, we are sharing some of the questions we get on our blog along with our answers, including some key takeaways. In this post, we answer a question about a late delivery of furniture. Read on to see what we suggest in a situation like this.

Q. I purchased a bench from a store in Vernon on November 17, 2020. They advised that it would be available on December 22 – this is on the bill of sale. At the back of the bill of sale, it states it is a “special order” and therefore there are no cancellations. They did not advise me of this. On Dec 22 they told me it would not be in until Feb 22. On Feb 22 they told me March 22. On March 22 they told me “sometime in May”. Yesterday I asked for a refund and was quoted the bill of sale information. This was not an online purchase but an in-store purchase. So not sure the online purchase 30-day delivery limit applies?

A. Hi there, thank you for contacting us. Since you bought the item in-store and not online, the distance sales rules would not apply, including the 30-day delivery rule. Retail stores in BC are allowed to set their own return, exchange and refund policy so you may want to negotiate with the store directly. Try speaking to a supervisor or a manager but if that doesn’t result in a refund, you can also try requesting a charge-back through your credit card company (if you paid with a credit card). I hope you will be able to resolve the issue soon!

Key takeaway 

When you purchase goods or services online, you may be entering into what is called a “distance sales contract”. There are some rules around these types of contracts and there are specific instances that give you the right to cancel. And these rights are different when you are shopping in-store as explained above. For more information on this kind of contract and your cancellation rights, visit this page on our website

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