Do you ever get a tad confused about what to recycle and where? I know I do. We’re going to tell you about some resources that may offer some guidance about recycling for BC residents.

Recycling packaging and paper products?

Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling in BC. This means they make sure that packaging and paper from your home are collected, properly sorted, and responsibly recycled.

Other materials?

If you are looking for information on recycling material that is not packaging or paper product, the Recycling Council of BC has information on their website to help you. They also offer:

  • A recycling hotline: You can call this live service for information about recycling, pollution prevention, waste avoidance, safe disposal options and regulations.
  • Recyclepedia: an on-line searchable database of recycling drop-off locations across B.C. covering over 68 materials categories.

Even though recycling is not an area we oversee, we like to share a variety of information with BC consumers. If you want more information about what to recycle and where, please contact one of these organizations with the contact information you see above.


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