Did you know that today is the Earth Day, an annual day that’s designed to mark environmental protection? While consumer protection is our main focus here at Consumer Protection BC, we wanted to share three easy ways you can “green up” your life – saving you money while helping to protect our planet. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Remember that every drop counts.

There are a number of ways you can conserve water, from taking shorter showers to installing low-flow faucets. Outside of your home, consider planting native species of plants that are drought tolerant. Being water conscious helps preserve our Earth’s resources and can lead to big savings when it comes to your water and electricity bills.

Opt for cloth

From grocery bags to kitchen towels, it’s easy to make the switch from disposable to cloth. As a bonus, some grocery stores will even give you a nominal credit if you bring in your own bags!

Consider walking

The next time you need to run an errand or plan to meet a friend for coffee, consider whether you really need to take the car. Walking will reduce your fuel costs and you can stop to smell the flowers.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to mark Earth Day – please let us know in the comments below!