I had some time off last week and did a short road trip with some friends from Victoria down to Portland, Oregon. I admit that the purpose of our mini-trip was to do some shopping and spend some time together, but we managed to fit in some tourist activity as well. One of our stops was at a tulip farm. I was amazed at how gorgeous the colourful fields of tulips were! My mom loves tulips and I was reminded that Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday.

Flowers are always a nice way to show mom your appreciation. If you aren’t able to be there in person, there are ways to purchase and send flowers online that get shipped right to her doorstep! Shopping for flowers online has benefits and some risks. It does give you the ability to shop around for the perfect bouquet without having to drive from florist to florist. If you decide to send flowers through an online purchase, we do suggest following up with the person you sent them to. Make sure that the correct bouquet was received by asking for a picture or by describing them. You will get peace of mind that the flowers you chose were the ones that were delivered and you can feel good about doing business with that company again.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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