Keeping your house cool during a hot summer can be a difficult task, especially without air conditioning. Here are some tips to keep cool without breaking the bank on AC costs this summer.

Save money on air conditioning

Whether you have an AC unit or not, these tips will help you save money on air conditioning. Buying a new AC unit can be expensive, so if you’re not able to purchase one, here are some other ways to stay cool this summer. If you already have AC, these tips will help you limit its use so you can save money on your electrical bill.

5 tips to keep cool without AC this summer

  1. Keep your blinds closed. We all enjoy getting some natural light through windows, but this can quickly heat up your house in the summer. Consider keeping the blinds closed or covering windows, especially in rooms you don’t use.
  2. Barbeque when you can. Using an oven or stove heats up your house more than you might think. Try barbequing outside to keep your house cool.
  3. Control your house’s airflow. What feels like a nice breeze could be hot air blowing into your house.
    1. Try to only keep windows open when it’s cooler outside than inside.
    2. Let cool air flow throughout your house by keeping interior doors open.
    3. Set your ceiling fans to counterclockwise, this can create downward breeze and a wind-chill effect to help you feel cooler.
  4. Cool your body. Consider substituting hot coffee for a cold alternative, take cold showers, or apply a damp towel to your forehead, neck, or wrists.
  5. Try some life-hacks. There are plenty of great life-hacks out there that can help you stay cool. Here are a few of them:
    1. Put a bucket of ice water in front of a fan.
    2. Swap out to lighter sheets and pillows.
    3. Turn on bathroom or kitchen fans.
    4. Keep a bowl of cold water by your bed to dip your feet at night.
    5. Switch out your old lightbulbs.

Do you have any tips on how to stay cool this summer? Share them in the comment section below.

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