There are multiple factors that can affect your gas usage and there are some easy changes you can make to save more when you drive. Here are 5 tips to help you increase your mileage and get more out of a tank of gas.

How to get more out of a tank of gas

  1. Choose the most efficient route. Use resources like local news and GPS apps to figure out the fastest and most efficient route to your destination. Think about doing multiple errands in a single trip to lower your overall driving time and gas burnt.
  2. Keep your vehicle healthy. Get regular check-ups for your vehicle including brake fluid, engine oil, filters, tire pressure and more. A well-maintained vehicle runs better and burns less gas.
  3. Adjust your driving habits. Changing the way you drive can affect your overall gas usage. Here are 3 easy ways to save fuel while you drive:
    1. Go easy on the brakes. Stops and starts are where cars use the most fuel. Braking hard and starting fast burn more gas than easy, gradual stops and starts.
    2. Use your cruise control. When it is a safe situation to use it, cruise control is a great way to increase your fuel economy, saving gas that you might have wasted on small adjustments in speed.
    3. Try not to idle. Most modern cars only need around 20-30 seconds to warm-up before they’re good to go, saving money over the traditional practice of letting it run 2-3 minutes. Bonus: this tip is good for both you and the environment!
  4. Adjust your car’s features. Some car features affect gas mileage more than others, here are 2 common ones to consider.
    1. Use air conditioning sparingly. Your car uses a lot of fuel to run your AC. Consider opening a window before you turn it on.
    2. Remove heavy accessories. Large accessories like roof racks and bike hitches can create drag and increase your car’s weight, burning more gas. Consider taking them off when you aren’t using them.
  5. Shop for better gas prices. Keep track of gas prices and try to fill up when you notice a dip. You can also check around for loyalty programs at gas stations in your area.

While you might not save a lot on every fill-up, savings from using gas more efficiently can add up over time.

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