These days most phones, tablets and laptops can connect wirelessly to other devices using Bluetooth. This technology allows us to connect our devices to printers and speakers with ease, but not without some risks. With information from Get Cyber Safe, here are three tips to use Bluetooth safely.  

The risks associated with Bluetooth

When you turn on your Bluetooth, your device becomes discoverable to other devices within range. This can make your device vulnerable to scammers/malware that are trying to access to your personal information. This can put your personal information and data at risk.

3 tips to use Bluetooth safely

Here are some tips on how to use Bluetooth safely from the experts at Get Cyber Safe.

Remember to turn Bluetooth off. Two devices using Bluetooth have to “see” each other before they can connect. Unless you need to use it, always set your device’s Bluetooth to hidden or undiscoverable mode so hackers or strangers can’t connect to your device, especially in crowded or public areas.

Don’t connect with strangers. You should never use Bluetooth to connect to unknown, untrusted, or suspicious sources and you should never accept files from these devices.

Unpair your devices. If one of your Bluetooth devices is lost or stolen, make sure to delete it from your list of paired devices right away on all your other Bluetooth devices. Since they are all connected, one lost device can provide access to the rest.

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