While visiting her father’s grave in Victoria, Jody* was approached by the cemetery operator about buying a cemetery plot next to her father. After signing the contract and paying for the grave marker, Jody began to have second thoughts.

With her children on the Lower Mainland, Jody decided she needed to cancel the contract so her final resting place could be close to her kids. When she contacted the cemetery, Jody was told that neither the interment right nor the cost of the marker, totalling several thousand dollars, were refundable.

“That was not the way I read the contract. I emailed them and explained how shocked I was. I even wrote a letter to the head of the company,” says Jody, “I never heard back.”

Jody decided to contact Consumer Protection BC for help.

Once the investigators reviewed the contract, they realized the refund information was missing, resulting in the cancellation wording being unclear. This made the contract non-compliant and Jody was able to receive a refund.

“I consider myself to be a smart person and I really didn’t imagine something like this happening to me,” says Jody, “I never thought I would have to contact Consumer Protection BC – but I’m sure happy I did.”

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

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