After you get a home inspection, your inspector is legally required to give you a written report that lays out what he or she discovered in the inspection. Check out this blog for information about what this report has to include.

In BC, home inspectors are required to be licensed by Consumer Protection BC and must follow certain laws. 

What is a home inspection report?

To be clear, the report is not your contract (that’s the agreement you signed before the home inspection took place – you can find out about your contract in this blog post). A home inspection report is a written document that is prepared for you by your home inspector after they have conducted their inspection.

What does my home inspection report cover?

Your home inspection report will include an opinion on everything your home inspector promised to look at in your home inspection contract. Your report will also specify what was not covered by the home inspection. If the home inspector feels you need to obtain expert advice on something, he or she will state that in your report.

Is a verbal post-inspection conversation enough?

No. By law, your report has to be in writing.

When will I get a copy of my home inspection report?

Your home inspector will give you a copy of your report on or before the date that was included in your contract. Remember: the home inspection report belongs to you and you only – your home inspector should not give it to anyone else, like your realtor or the homeowner, except in very specific circumstances (such as if you give permission, if it’s required by law or if there is a serious health or safety risk).

Buying a home may be the biggest investment you ever make. There are many things you can do to help you make an informed decision, including getting a home inspection. For more information about your home inspection rights and responsibilities, explore our website.


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