Have you ever received goods or services that you never asked for in the first place? In BC, there are rules that protect consumers from having to pay for unsolicited goods or services – learn more in this blog post!

What are unsolicited goods or services?

According to BC’s consumer protection law, “unsolicited goods and services” are goods and services that are supplied to you even though you didn’t ask for them. An example of an unsolicited good or service would be if someone came to your home and did landscaping work without getting your permission beforehand. There are some exceptions to what’s classified as an unsolicited good or service, including goods or services that were supplied to you, but you knew (or should have known) they were intended for someone else as well as and goods or services that are free.

Do I have to pay for unsolicited goods or services?

By law, you have no obligation to pay for unsolicited goods or services (here’s the section of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act that speaks to this). Remember, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if you had an ongoing contract with the supplier (the company) or if you accepted (in writing) your intention to accept the good or service.

What can I do if someone is demanding payment for unsolicited goods or services?  

Know your rights! Point the supplier to the relevant section of BC’s Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and let them know that you are not legally responsible for paying for the unsolicited good or services.

If you have further questions, you can contact us and we’d be happy to share information about your rights and responsibilities as it speaks our authority related to unsolicited goods or services.