From celebrating our 10-year anniversary to welcoming a new Board Chair and refocusing our work on our regulatory responsibilities, 2014 was a busy year for us! Here is a snapshot of our work last year:

  • Consumers received almost $40,000 in restitution.
  • Answered more than 10,000 consumer questions through our Inquiry Centre, with debt collection being the top topic of interest (representing 17% of calls and emails).
  • Issued over 9,700 licenses across seven different industries.
  • Conducted 465 inspections and closed 293 investigation files.
  • Refunded 96 impacted travellers more than $121,000 through the Travel Assurance Fund.
  • Viewed 1,655 general release motion pictures and exhibition trailers for classification purposes.
  •  Took over as trustee for the Cash Store Financial Services Inc. cash card refund process and, as a result, about 5,700 payday loan borrowers received refunds that totaled $147,000.

For more information about what we were up to in 2014, please view our Annual Report and Financial Statements in full.