Cemeteries serve as a permanent resting place for our loved ones and can provide a place for people to visit and remember the family members and friends they have lost. When people pre-plan their funeral arrangements, that often includes choosing where they would like to be interred (laid to rest). Choices can include a grave site, crypt or niche to store their cremated remains. However, sometimes plans change – for example, a person may move away and choose another location where they want to be laid to rest. When this happens, people may try to resell their right of interment through online ads.

Tips on purchasing a place of interment

If you are considering purchasing a place of interment through an online ad, there are many things to consider. First, it’s important to know that when you purchase a right of interment you are purchasing the right to be interred (buried) in the space but you are not, in fact, purchasing the land. The land and control of it belong to the cemetery.

In British Columbia, not all cemeteries allow the reselling of places of interment. It is up to the individual cemetery’s bylaws whether they will buy a right of interment back, have right of first refusal to buy the right of interment or if they will allow the reselling of a right of internment to a third party.

Things to know before you purchase

Before you consider purchasing a right of interment through someone else, take the time to find out:

  • Does the cemetery allow the sale of a right of interment to a third party?
  • Are there restrictions on the size of memorial you can place on the land?
  • Are there restrictions on the number of interments that can occur in the plot you are purchasing?
  • Are there other bylaw requirements such as the purchase of a grave liner when interment takes place?

Pre-planning for final arrangements can reduce the stress on family and friends during a difficult time, but we encourage you to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a place of interment. For more information about funeral services in BC, visit our consumer help page.


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