For those of you who aren’t part of our Facebook community, or who don’t always see what we are asked directly on Facebook, here are three questions we have had recently from consumers related to retail sales (and our answers!).

Mark Asks:

Why do some retailers ask for ID for returns with a receipt? How legal is it for them to scan or photocopy it? When a retailer has a return policy is it a legal contract with a consumer if the consumer meets the requirements?

Our Answer:

Hi Mark! It is legal for retailers to ask for ID when a return is being made. For more information, you can check out the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner who made a ruling on this subject.

Susan Asks:

Can a store turn away payment if you are paying using the old bills and not the new polymer ones? I understand $50 & $100 bills being refused but $20s and under?

Our Answer:

Hi Susan, my understanding is they can. If they wanted to only accept pennies as payment, they could potentially do that too. Retailers in BC are not regulated by Consumer Protection BC and can make those kinds of decisions based on how they choose to do business.

Joanna Asks:

In supermarkets, they always have sales such as 3 for $6 and the original price of the item was $2.50 each. What if I want only 1 and not 3, do they have to honour the sale price as $2 for the item? Or do I get 3 in order to get the sale price?

Our Answer:

Hi Joanna, it’s my understanding that stores can set their own prices and policies. I would ask the particular store before making the purchase so that you can make an informed decision.

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