What do you do if you believe you have received a parking ticket in error? Maybe the ticket is issued for a parking violation in a city that you’ve never visited, or maybe you got a ticket in a spot where you felt you were legally parked.

Failure to pay the ticket can result in calls from a collection agency and the unpaid fine being recorded on your credit report. Here are some tips on what you can do if you find yourself with a potentially unfounded parking ticket.

  1. Contact the business to try and resolve the issue. Give as much information as possible as to why you feel you were issued a ticket in error. We encourage you to follow up in writing so you have proof of your complaint.
  2. If you are being contacted by a collection agency, you can fill out our debt in dispute form and give it to both the collection agency and the creditor (in this case the parking company). Once a debt has been disputed, the collection agency must not continue to communicate with you.
  3. Keep a copy of the debt in dispute form and proof that you have sent it.
  4. If the debt appears on your credit report, you can provide to the reporting agency an explanation in writing of not more than 100 words about the debt.

If you have disputed the debt with the debt collector but continue to get calls about the debt, please contact us

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