We received a suggestion to write a blog about over-charging for car repairs from our Facebook friend Justin. This is an issue our inquiry team receives quite often so we thought this was a great blog topic!

Currently, the automobile repair industry is not regulated. This means that there is no governing body or designated association that oversees the services or behaviour of automobile repair shops. Consider the following tips to limit the risks of being overcharged for repair service:

  1. Be curious. Ask your repair shop what they think the repair will cost.
  2. Do your research and shop around. Consider getting a few opinions or quotes from different repair shops. You may also want to do some online research about particular companies. There may be some reviews available online.
  3. Get a reference. Ask your friends about their experiences and who they would recommend.
  4. Get it in writing. Make sure to get a quote in writing that outlines the repairs to be done, and the cost of the repairs.
  5. Be proactive. Ask the repair shop to contact you beforehand if they think that repairs or costs will exceed those in the quote.

If you had a repair done to your automobile and were not happy with the service or the costs, talk to the repair shop about your concerns. If the business you are dealing with is a member of an association, you may also wish to contact them to see if they have a complaint handling process.

We hope this helps!


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