Thinking of buying a used car and are unsure about what previous damage to the car has to be shared with you? The Vehicle Safety Authority (VSA) has some great questions and answers on this topic that is available on their blog. We wanted to share that information with you (with permission of course!).

Q&A 1.

Question: I’m buying a used vehicle. What are dealers required to declare about the vehicle?
Dealers need to tell you about the prior use of the vehicle – that is, if the vehicle was previously used as a taxi, emergency vehicle, etc. They need to tell you the odometer readings and if it was ever registered outside of BC. Dealers also need to let you know if the vehicle had damage repairs that totaled more than $2,000.

Q&A 2.

Question: Which documents show damage declarations?
Answer: Damage declarations are made on two forms – the some information (the ICBC transfer document) and the purchase/some information. Your sales agreement needs to include all disclosures and declarations.

The VSA has a lot of resources on buying a vehicle (new or old) so please check out their website for more information.

About the Vehicle Sales Authority:

The VSA is a regulatory agency authorized by the provincial government to enforce certain BC laws as they relate to the sale of personal-use motor vehicles, and related regulations. Learn more about them and get useful information for consumers and motor dealers at


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