Dealing with the death of a loved one can be very difficult emotionally. Amid the grief, family members may also have to deal with making choices around issues such as the funeral or memorial service. With this in mind, some people prefer to make their own arrangements ahead of time.

Think ahead

Although we may not want to think about it now, preplanning your own funeral can help your family and friends and ensure that your wishes are kept. In addition to ensuring that your will and financial matters are in order, you can also make pre-planned arrangements for your funeral and cemetery services.

Preneed contracts

A funeral preneed contract is a detailed contract with a funeral provider for future funeral services. These services include proper care and disposition of the deceased and arranging for a funeral or memorial services. Prices for funeral services offer can vary depending on the type of services and products desired. When you enter into a preneed contract, even if you do not require the contracted services for several years or decades, your contracted costs will not increase.

Cemetery preneed contracts

A cemetery preneed contract includes the right to be buried in a plot and services such as opening and closing the plot to allow for interment. In BC, you may be able to cancel your contract for the cemetery services but may not be able to cancel your interment right. Some cemeteries will allow for the transfer of services between cemeteries, but it is always best to check with the cemetery about cancellation or transfers before entering into the contract.

Pre-planning a funeral allows you to make an informed decision about what you may want. At this time you can consider your choices such as cremation or burial, commemorative markers and how you wish to be remembered. This will allow for family and friends to focus on remembering a life rather than the added stress of making final arrangements.

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