Purchasing a home is a large investment for many British Columbians. It is so important to familiarize yourself with all of the activities related to buying a house so that you are making an informed choice. Many people get a home inspection done as part of their home buying decision. As you may know, Consumer Protection BC licenses home inspectors in the province. To find a licensed home inspector, please access the licensee search on our website.

So what can you expect from a home inspection? Typically inspections take 2 to 3 hours to complete. They are visual inspections which means the inspector is not expected to displace flooring and tiling, or check water or air samples.

What inspectors may or may not do:

A home inspector may:

  • Probe structural components where deterioration is suspected or where clear indications of possible deterioration exist.
  • Visually inspect the roof, chimneys, skylights and gutters.
  • Look for leaks in piping systems, check for drainage and test water pressure in faucets and other plumbing fixtures.
  • Check the home’s electrical system by inspecting outlets and main service panels.
  • Report on any evidence of water penetration in the home.

A home inspector may not:

  • Probe structural components when it would damage any finished surface or where no deterioration is visible.
  • Predict the life expectancy of the roof, perform water tests, or disturb insulation.
  • Inspect structures that aren’t part of the main building such as storage sheds, swimming pools or tennis courts.
  • Determine the quality of water, or the adequacy of water supply.
  • Look for erosion in or around the yard.

When the inspector has completed the examination of your potential home, you should receive a written report which outlines the findings from the inspection. If you have questions about the report, it is important to speak with the inspector to clarify the findings. The above information is to be used for guidance only. More information about your home inspection rights can be found on our website.


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