You may have heard about ChatGPT or other AI chatting software (also known as chatbots) on the news. Here are four things you may want to think about if you’re using ChatGPT or other AI software.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that was built by OpenAI, a company owned by Microsoft, to harness information on the internet and create unique responses to complex problems and questions. Using large amounts of data from the web, ChatGPT has up-to-date information on a wide range of topics including books, social media, movies, and more. With that data, ChatGPT can create human-like responses to text prompts, questions, and pictures. The AI chatbot is most noted for being able to write essays, emails, recipes, scripts, most coding languages, and everything in between. While ChatGPT is one of many AI chatbots on the internet, it is widely regarded as the most popular and advanced with over 100 million users worldwide.

4 things to think about if you use ChatGPT or other AI software

The rise of AI chatbots have started conversations around personal privacy and concerns about the potential risks of this new technology. Here are some things to remember when using an AI to help keep your information protected:

  1. Don’t overshare. Be careful what information you give ChatGPT, as the software learns through its interactions with users.
  2. Avoid public Wi-Fi. Use a secure private network whenever you use an AI chatbot.
  3. Watch for third parties. If you use ChatGPT through a third party, be sure to check the privacy policies of the service you use.
  4. Delete your conversations. ChatGPT and other AI chatbots keep conversation data temporarily. Consider deleting your conversations regularly once you are done using the service.

With AI tools being introduced to social platforms like Snapchat, make sure your friends and loved ones know what they’re signing up for when they use an AI chatbot.

Where to go for more information

While we are not experts when it comes to AI, there are lots of resources to help you stay safe and protect yourself online through Get CyberSafe. You can also learn more about what steps the Government is taking to ensure the effective and ethical use of AI: Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

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