Buying tickets to an event or concert? Under BC law, the seller needs to make certain information available to you on your ticket. Here’s what you need to know and why it matters.

The rules for event tickets in BC

The Ticket Sales Act applies to businesses that sell and resell tickets to live events in BC. While this law does not cover pricing or availability, the goal of it is to provide greater transparency and accountability in the tickets sales industry. These rules help you know what you’re buying when you purchase a ticket to a live event so there aren’t any surprises.

Event tickets: what information needs to be on your ticket

Before you buy your ticket, the seller needs to make the following info clearly listed or displayed:

  • the total price of the ticket
  • an itemized list of any fees, service charges, and taxes
  • the face value of the ticket (if it is a secondary seller)
  • the price listed in Canadian Dollars, unless it specifies a different currency
  • the location of the seat or standing area (if applicable)
  • whether there are any restrictions on your ability to transfer the ticket to other people
  • any applicable terms and conditions

After you buy your ticket, it must include the face value of the ticket.

Where to go for more information

We oversee aspects of the Ticket Sales Act in BC. The law does not cover ticket prices or availability. Learn more about ticket sales in BC and when you might be entitled to a refund.

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