After a series of major surgeries, Melissa* had finally found a yoga studio that suited her unique needs. Melissa was delighted when, for Christmas, her husband bought her 20 classes. “I was doing the classes and it was going very well. There was no arm work which was perfect because of the mobility issues with my arms,” says Melissa.

When the yoga studio changed ownership, the new owner decided they would no longer offer this special type of yoga. Melissa was hesitant but tried her best to participate in the new classes. “I couldn’t do half the poses,” says Melissa. “There was a fundamental shift. The other classes absolutely did not work for me.”

Melissa told the yoga studio she wanted her money back for the unused classes and the yoga studio refused. Feeling frustrated, she visited Consumer Protection BC’s website looking for help. “I saw something [on the website] that described a situation very similar to what I was going through,” says Melissa. She decided it was time to contact Consumer Protection BC.

“[The investigator] was very professional and extremely helpful,” says Melissa. “Now, I had someone advocating on my behalf.” Consumer Protection BC contacted the business and stated that because they had changed the services they were offering, Melissa was within her rights to cancel. In response, the yoga studio agreed to cancel the contract and provide a refund.

When asked what advice she would give to people who are in a similar situation, Melissa stressed the importance of contacting Consumer Protection BC for help right away. “When you try and assert your rights, [businesses] can get downright nasty – it’s easier and better for you mentally to seek the help that’s out there.”

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Curious about your rights when it comes to gym memberships?

Do you have a membership to a gym or yoga studio? Are you signed up for dance lessons, personal training or self-defense classes? These types of contracts are ongoing and physical in nature and they’re known as continuing services contracts. By law, you have certain cancellation rights. Find out more.

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About Consumer Protection BC

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