Losing a loved one is difficult enough, but what happens if you need to transport some (or all) of the cremated remains across the country? In today’s blog post, learn whether or not you’re allowed to transport cremated remains by mail.

While our office oversees BC’s cemetery and funeral services laws, jurisdiction over the mailing of cremated remains within Canada rests with Canada Post. Here’s what we learned through our research into this subject.

Are you allowed to mail cremated remains?

According to Canada Post, yes you’re allowed to transport both human and animal cremated remains through the mail as long as you make sure:

  • You ship them using a trackable parcel service.
  • The destination and return addresses are correct and complete.
  • The cremated remains are packed in a sealed container and put inside a sift-proof outer container. If the inner container is fragile, you’ll have to protect it with packing material.
  • They are accompanied by a certificate of cremation that’s issued by an appropriate authority (such as a funeral director), placed inside a plastic envelope and attached to the top of the parcel.

If you’re shipping cremated remains internationally, you’ll want to check with the International Destination Listing for more information about prohibited and restricted items within specific countries.

More information about BC’s funeral services industry, including consumer tips, is available on our blog under the cremation and funeral services tag.


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