What’s important to you in a workplace can change throughout your career and your life. A company’s benefits and perks can contribute to your decision to join them. So, let’s tell you about some of the things that we offer our staff.

What we offer

1. A pension

A pension is an investment in your future. We are a member of the BC Public Service Pension Plan. As a permanent staff member, your contributions to the fund mean you are eligible for a lifetime monthly pension payment when you retire.

2. A flexible work schedule

whether you like to start work after your morning run or you have to pick your kids up from school, you can make a schedule that fits your life. We balance flexibility with accountability and that means that your hours of work must align with the team’s needs and maintain operational requirements.

3. Modified days off (“flex days”)

Our unionized staff can opt into a varying schedule over the bi-weekly pay period. This can mean working a little extra on certain days to have a “flex” day off during the same pay period.

4. Training and development

We encourage life-long learning and continuous skills improvement through employer-paid education and training opportunities based on your individual needs and the organization’s requirements. 

5. Employee and family assistance services

You have immediate access to Employee & Family Assistance Services (EFAS), which offers a range of services through a confidential third-party provider. This includes family support services, legal and financial guidance, healthy living support, career counselling and more.

6. Extended health and dental

We cover the cost of eligible health and dental benefits for you and your immediate family. This can amount to several thousands of dollars a year in savings for you, compared to other premium-based plans.

7. Life insurance

Basic life insurance is part of your benefits package as a regular full-time staff member. You can opt-in to extended employee and spouse life insurance coverage at an additional cost.

8. Parking

If you choose to drive to work, we offer parking at our office locations in Victoria and Burnaby. (Note that this is an optional taxable benefit.)

There are many more things that make us a great place to work, and you will hear about them in our onboarding process. You are also welcome to ask questions about our benefits during the interview process.

Want to learn more?

Read through all of our posts in our HR & culture blog, The Right Fit. We have lots more information to help you decide if we are a right fit for each other and be successful in our recruitment process, including:

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