Passport Canada has issued a warning to Canadians that some organizations are falsely claiming to have the ability to speed up the passport application process for an additional fee. Here’s what you need to know about this fraud.

According to Passport Canada:

  • NO third-party person or organization has the ability to speed up the processing of your passport application.
  • Only Passport Canada service locations are authorized to collect passport processing fees.
  • Passport Canada will NEVER ask you to disclose the security code on the back of your credit card when paying the passport fee.

If you have questions about your passport application, you can contact Passport Canada free of charge. You should also know that passport application forms are available at no charge.

For more information about applying for a Canadian passport, please visit Passport Canada.

March is Fraud Prevention Month. While scams and fraud fall outside of the laws that Consumer Protection BC is responsible for, we are sharing the information in this blog post to raise consumer awareness in support of this national initiative. For more information about Fraud Prevention Month, please visit the Competition Bureau’s website.


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