If you are one of our Facebook fans, you know that we’ve kicked off our annual Be Money Smart This Holiday Season campaign. From now until late December, we’re decking the halls by sharing great holiday savings tips (as submitted by consumers like you) and hosting a few money-smart themed contests and giveaways. 

Before you head over and join the fun, check out some of our favourite money-smart tips below. Be sure to add yours to the list by leaving a comment on this post!

  • Our friends do a kids’ Secret Santa. We put all our children’s names in a hat and each draw one. That way we can still shop for the kids without having to buy a dozen gifts. Makes for a great excuse to get together as well. – Jennifer S.
  • My tip is to never enter your grocery store without a full tummy.  If you go into the store hungry or even a little hungry, you are more likely to pick up lots of pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food. – Winona A.
  • Put money away each paycheck for Christmas and then ONLY spend the amount you managed to save. Do NOT charge Christmas to your credit cards! – Kylye P.
  • I wrap my presents in saved newspapers, works great and not adding extra paper to the environment. Happy holidays everyone. – Evon L.
  • I like to give homemade gifts to friends and family – it is thoughtful, but can also save a lot of money! – Nicole. W.
  • Photography makes a great gift, and you can print out your own enlargements or order inexpensive ones. We all take pictures, why not make them into the gifts? If you want to frame them, inexpensive frames can be found in charity shops and garage sales. – Norma H.