Consumer Protection BC enforces specific consumer protection laws in the province, and licenses and regulates a number of industries. Did you know that you can search for a Consumer Protection BC licensed business on our website? Here’s how.

If you are curious about the industries we regulate, please visit the “about us” page of our website.

Available on our website, the licence search tool can be used by anyone who wants to check into the licensing status of any collection agent, bailiff, debt pooler, debt repayment agent, funeral provider, cemetery, crematoria, travel agent, travel wholesaler, telemarketer, theatre, video retailer or motion picture distributor doing business in BC. Use this tool to find out:

  • If a business’s licence is current and active.
  • If a business’s licence is inactive (to check for businesses that may have closed, voluntarily cancelled or let their licences expire in the last 12 months).
  • Licensing action taken against a business (for example, if a license application was refused or if a licence was suspended or cancelled by Consumer Protection BC in the last 12 months).

To find out more about how we regulate the industries listed above, please visit our website at