Did you know that Consumer Protection BC has an employee-supported social responsibility program? Here’s how our staff are actively working to make a difference in our community!

Through our GIVE (Get Into Voluntary Engagements) program, our staff raised more than $5,000 in 2012 for local causes, including animal shelters, food banks and children’s charities. And while this might not be a total surprise to you, our fundraising initiatives aren’t your standard cookie-cutter bake sales – we do things a bit differently. Here are some of the ways we’ve (creatively!) raised funds:

  • Potlucks – From salad to sundae bars, we’re big foodies over here. Staff admission is by donation and yes, bacon was even one of the offered ice cream toppings!
  • Leadership challenges – Have you ever seen the Face the Cookie game? If our coworkers raise a certain amount, we get to subject our leadership team to some, ahem, fantastic challenges.
  • All you can (not) eat – Could you go an entire workday without anything to eat? Two of our managers took on a fasting challenge last spring, successfully refusing doughnuts and other temptations to raise $120 in staff pledges.
  • Cleaning out the garage – Sick of your daughter’s old musical instruments taking up your storage space? Some coworkers have brought their gently used treasures to the office – in exchange for a donation, they’re for the taking.

Do your coworkers donate time or money to a cause? Tell us about it by leaving a comment on this blog!