If you’re planning on bringing a vehicle from another province to BC, there are some important things to know. With information from ICBC, here’s what you’ll need to do.

What to know about bringing a vehicle to BC from another province

If you’re bringing a vehicle from another province or territory, before the vehicle can be registered, licensed, and insured in BC, you’ll need to bring these documents to an Autoplan broker:

  • the vehicle’s current registration
  • the Certificate of Title if your vehicle is from Nova Scotia
  • a “passed” vehicle inspection report* from a designated inspection facility in BC
  • required ID
  • a signed and dated bill of sale, if the vehicle is not registered in your name. (Sometimes a vehicle registration document, signed by the registered owner of the vehicle and naming you as the new owner, is acceptable instead.)

For more information, check out ICBC’s Checklist for Out-of-Province Vehicle Registration.

*Safety inspection exemptions

If you’re bringing a vehicle from Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, qualified privately owned or leased vehicles may be exempt from the BC pre-registration safety inspection. Check out the ICBC website for more information on eligibility.

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