Thinking about getting a warranty for your new appliance? There are some important facts to consider before making your decision. We’ve collected information from the Competition Bureau to help you make the decision that’s right for you when it comes to appliance warranties.

What’s the risk?

You may end up paying extra for a warranty that is less beneficial than it seems.

  • Some warranties can be misleading and come with surprise clauses that are restrictive. For instance, you may only be covered for replacement parts (and not repairs), or the other way around.
  • Some warranties require that the repairs be done with an “authorized” supplier, which can end up costing you more than going to a local repair shop.

Tips to make the right decision for you

The Competition Bureau offers these tips:

  • Ask questions:
    • How long is the warranty good for?
    • Does the appliance come with a full or limited warranty?
    • What is covered under the warranty?
    • Who should I contact if something goes wrong with my appliance – the manufacturer, retailer, or third-party provider?
    • When the appliance needs repairs, can I hire a local repair shop? Or do I have to go through an “authorized” supplier?
  • If a question isn’t answered by the retailer, contact the manufacturer to learn more.
  • Find out what documents you need to keep (receipt, terms and conditions, etc.).
  • Keep record of any information you receive about the warranty (emails, phone calls, etc.).

For more information on this topic, visit their page on appliance warranties.

Have you been misled by your appliances’ warranty?

If you feel as though your warranty was misleading, you can file a complaint with the Competition Bureau. You may also be interested in taking a look at the Government of Canada’s Consumer Handbook, which has more information about warranties.

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