We are pleased to present Consumer Protection BC’s 2017 – 2019 Strategic Business Plan. This document is essentially our road map for the future.

As you may know, Consumer Protection BC is the regulator of seven different industries, as well as regulating specific consumer transactions in the province. We move into 2017 and beyond with a clear strategic focus – regulatory excellence and consumer awareness.

In pursuit of the outcome of Regulatory Excellence, our strategies are to:

  • Enhance licensing with online service delivery
  • Enhance compliance with mobile service delivery
  • Enhance licensee compliance and education using clear and consistent information

In pursuit of the outcome of Consumer Awareness, our strategies are to:

  • Plan and execute year two of the campaign to raise awareness of Consumer Protection BC as a timely and effective solution provider
  • Design, create and launch new corporate web site
  • Enhance the provision of consumer solutions

There is much more information included in our Strategic Business Plan, including who we are, what we do, the sectors and occupations we license and regulate, our regulatory authority and n infographic on how we help British Columbians. We invite you to read the business plan in full.

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