Where do you normally go for information about government benefits and to find out which ones you may be eligible for? Recently, I found a self-help tool that makes it easy to find out what benefits apply to me. I had to pass this resource along, as I’m sure some of you will find it just as helpful as I did!

The Government of Canada has put together a self-help tool called The Benefits Finder. All you have to do is enter information that’s specific to your circumstances and, voila, you’re presented with a list of benefits you may be eligible for!

Once you get started, you’ll be asked a variety of questions (such as your age, marital status, health situation and more). It’s important to note that you will NOT have to provide any personal information (such as your Social Insurance Number, name, address, etc).

Click here to get started and to find out what government benefits you may be eligible for!


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