About a month ago I decided to apply for a new credit card. Now being the savvy consumer I am (!), I cruised over to my computer to do a little research and entered “how to pick a credit card” in the search bar. The bad news? I got 180,000,000 results… The good news? I found a great credit card selector tool that I wanted to share with you today.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is a regulatory body that was created in 2001 under the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Act to consolidate and strengthen oversight of consumer protection measures in the federally-regulated financial sector.

If you need help selecting a credit card, the FCAC has a neat self-help tool to help you narrow down your choices. Using the tool, you can compare the features and costs of more than 250 credit cards! This selector tool lets you refine your search by province, annual fees, annual interest rates, minimum income required, rewards, insurance benefits and more.

Click here to get started and to try the FCAC’s Credit Card Selector Tool.

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Don’t forget November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada!