Recently our coffee grinder stopped working. Hoping to learn if other consumers had experienced similar problems, I hopped on my computer and Googled the coffee grinder using its serial number. First result: a website for recalls and safety alerts. And yes, my grinder had been recalled… four years ago!

Did you know that Healthy Canadians has a website that gives consumers easy access to a full list of product recalls, advisories and safety alerts? It includes recalls from Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Transport Canada.

On this website, you can access specific information about the product (such as details about why it was recalled, where it was sold and what it looks like), as well as what steps you should take (such as return the product or who to call). You can sign up for health and safety updates (via RSS, Twitter or email), and even make a report of a concern.

We hope this information was helpful!


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