In light of the recent Best Buy closures, we thought it’d be useful to share some information about what consumers might do if they found themselves affected by a business closure.

General business closure tips:

  1. Visit the location. Stop by the closed business to see if a notice has been posted, giving you any further contact information.
  2. Find out your options for cancelling payment. If you paid by credit card, contact your credit card agency to see if charges can be reversed due to the goods and services not being received. If you paid by other means (such as cash or cheque), check your options for cancelling payment. You might also want to find out if the business has filed for bankruptcy to determine if you have options of making a claim with the trustee.
  3. Research to see if the business is licensed or a member of an organization. In some instances, compensation may be available to affected consumers. For example, if a BC-licensed travel agency goes out of business and if the paid travel services were not provided, consumers may be eligible to make a claim with the Travel Assurance Fund.

Best Buy customers affected by the recent closures:

Best Buy has provided some key contact information for consumers regarding the recent closures:

  • General inquiries: 1-888-237-8289
  • Geek Squad inquiries: 1-800-433-5772
  • Reward Zone inquires: 1-866-969-7393

If you have questions about returns, exchanges, product service plans, price protection or gift card redemption, you may also visit another Best Buy location or, if not available in your area, your nearest Future Shop. This is recommended if you have a product for repair or servicing or had a product on layaway or had an item to pick up.