Recently it was discovered that some babies became sick after eating PC Organics rice cereal, a product sold at Loblaw Superstores. Loblaws recalled the rice cereals to prevent any further occurrences as a precautionary measure and parents were advised to check any products they already had at home. You can read a related CBC news article here.

If you have concerns about recalled food products or alerts, check out the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website or the Health Canada website. The CFIA website has some great information including allergy alerts and recently recalled products. They also include listings of the products that have been recalled and often include UPC codes so that consumers who have the goods in their homes can check to see if they have any affected products. The Health Canada website provides consumers with advisories and warnings. They also have good information about where to go if you believe you may have been affected by a recalled product.

For safety information regarding consumer goods such as cosmetics, pesticides, or personal items, you can visit Health Canada’s Product Safety website for information about product advisories, recalls, or general safety.

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