Home inspections

Updated February 17, 2021 

As a regulator, we have responsibilities to all our stakeholders, which includes delivering on certain services. We also believe that it’s important to be especially thoughtful and caring during this time. Sometimes those two things can seem at odds with each other – managing our business and following the law with being compassionate towards the needs of our licensed businesses. We are trying to balance those things to the best of our ability during this difficult and changing time. We continue to ask for your patience and your trust while we navigate these waters.

Safe work practices

We urge you to observe the orders and guidelines being issued by provincial health authorities and the Provincial Health Officer. What we do now as a society still matters. Please read BC’s Restart Plan for more information as well as WorkSafeBC’s Real estate: Protocols for returning to operation for more information. Your Association may also offer further guidance. 

Visit reliable sources for information about COVID-19, including practical guidance about preventing the contraction and spread of the virus from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Canada Public Health Agency.

We are consistently monitoring and reassessing the impact of this pandemic and we will let you know of any updates as quickly as we can. Please keep checking this page for new information about how we are trying to support your business during this difficult time.