Continuing education

Continuing education is an important consideration for every funeral director and embalmer. As a licensed funeral director or embalmer in BC, you are required to complete six hours of continuing education credits for each licence type, every two years from your initial licensing date. Credits are granted for courses that have received pre-approval from our office.

Download our current approved course list.

Each course can only be applied once to a licence to meet your continuing education unit (CEU) requirements. Repeating a course will not count towards your CEU requirements.   

Submitting your CEU requirements

You have two options to submit your CEU to our office:

  1. Submit your CEUs to us online. You must upload each course certificate of completion.
  2. Submit the following required information to us by email at
    • your name
    • your licence number
    • the course number for each of the course taken
    • the course date for each of the course taken
    • the certificate of completion
    • which licence type you would like to apply the credits to (director or embalmer)

Requesting accreditation of a continuing education course

If you or your organization would like to request approval for a continuing education unit, you must send a course accreditation request form to our office via email at Your request must be submitted to us at least 30 days prior to the start date of your course or workshop.

Review our course approval accreditation standards.
Complete a course accreditation request.