Recent enforcement actions details

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Service Corporation International (Canada) ULC

Does business as:
Woodlawn Funeral Home

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  • failure to comply with an undertaking [sec. 61 (3) (d) (ii) of the Cremation, Interment & Funeral Services Act]
  • failure to maintain refrigerated storage for human remains acceptable to the director [sec. 33 (1) of the Cremation, Interment & Funeral Services Regulation]

Decision Outcome

  • The contravention of breach of undertaking is confirmed
  • The alleged contravention of sec. 33 (1) of the Regulation is dismissed (for duplication)

Actions Taken

  • Penalty of $3,500 [sec. 61 (3) (d) (ii) of the Act]
  • Inspection costs of $1,600 ordered against respondent