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Case number: 

6971148 Canada Ltd.

Does business as:
Rainbow Systems

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  • failing to disclose total cost of goods in a direct sales contract, including cost of credit [sec. 19(j) BPCPA]
  • failing within 15 days of consumer's cancellation of direct sales contract to return goods received in a trade-in arrangement or to pay an amount equal to trade-in value stated in contract [sec. 21(4) BPCPA]

Decision Outcome

  • The contraventions are confirmed

Actions Taken

  • Formal warning in respect of compliance with sec. 19(j)
  • Inspection costs of $900 ordered reimbursed
  • Order to pay consumers $1,000 for value of trade-in, in lieu of return of trade-in goods
  • Further conditions relating to compliance with BPCPA direct sales contract provisions