Due to the pandemic, Consumer Protection BC stopped doing in-person inspections of our licensed businesses in March 2020.

Since then, we have learned more about the impact of COVID-19 in the marketplace and on our licensed businesses. We are confident that we can now resume in-person inspections safely and we are starting to do so at business locations.

We take safety seriously.
While the standard inspections policies and rules are outlined in industry-specific inspections guides, we are also implementing safety procedures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  • Inspectors will wear N-95 masks when at the site to be inspected.
  • Inspectors will have their own supply of PPE and will sanitize their hands and other surfaces every 30 minutes when onsite at inspection.
  • Inspectors will ask for licensee-employees to wear masks when communicating with, or in the same room as the Inspector. Failing this, the licensee/employees will be asked to remain 2 meters distant from the Inspector at all times.
  • Inspectors will allow for their credentials to be examined (from a distance) and will only provide business cards when requested to do so.
  • Inspectors will attempt to isolate themselves in a private area of the business while they perform the administrative functions of the inspection.
  • Inspectors will select items to be inspected rather than the usual practice of allowing the licensee’s employees to assist with that process.

Our Inspectors must also complete a wellness self-assessment before they start any work outside their current base. Inspectors will also ask the licensee about the status of the location being inspected. These questions will include:

  • Have any employees at the location been diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 2 weeks?
  • Is anyone at the licensed location suffering from illness or Covid-19 symptoms?

About Consumer Protection BC

Consumer Protection BC is the regulator of a variety of sectors and specific consumer transactions in the province. Our mandate is to license and inspect our regulated businesses, respond to consumer inquiries, investigate alleged violations of consumer protection laws, and to classify all general release motion pictures.

For more information about our organization, to read our recent enforcement actions, and to learn about our inspection and complaint-handling processes, please visit our corporate website at www.consumerprotectionbc.ca. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram and YouTube or read our blog for valuable consumer tips and resources.