Consumer Protection BC enforcement action is a reminder about what must be
in contracts for renovation work

MEDIA RELEASE – In light of a recent enforcement decision against a Burnaby construction company, Consumer Protection BC reminds the public and businesses about what must be included in renovation contracts.

“The details matter. We recently ordered a construction company to refund a consumer’s deposit because the contract was missing the required information,” says Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith, spokesperson for Consumer Protection BC. “Contracts that are written properly offer protection to everyone involved and expectations are clear from the start.”

To avoid risk for both parties, consumers and contractors need to know their rights and responsibilities. Consumers and contractors often enter into what is called a future performance contract – where the consumer does not pay in full upfront or doesn’t get the goods or services immediately. With this transaction, very specific information must be in the contract.

3 things that a business must include in their future performance contract:

  • The start and end date of the contract
  • A detailed description of the goods or services to be supplied under the contract
  • A detailed statement of the terms of payment

Read a more comprehensive list of requirements on our website.

3 tips for consumers before signing this type of contract:

  • Understand what services you are getting
  • Always read the fine print
  • Ask about any cancellation policies

Find out more about future performance contracts on our website.

In addition to compliant contracts, Chabeaux-Smith encourages contractors and their customers to have open and consistent communication. “If timelines or costs change, get things in writing and be up front. Keep everyone in the loop so there are no surprises.”

About Consumer Protection BC:

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