On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and stakeholders, Consumer Protection BC is pleased to release our 2016 Annual Report and financial statements.

Each year, we prepare a report that highlights the accomplishments achieved over the last fiscal year and provides an overview of how we have met our operational goals according to our three-year Strategic Business Plan.

Some of the highlights from the 2016 Annual Report include:

  • 8,500 licences issued or renewed for our regulated industries
  • 358 inspections conducted and 202 investigations closed
  • 67% of our enforcement files were resolved through voluntary compliance
  • Consumers received more than $40,000 in restitution as a result of our enforcement efforts and an additional $42,000 was refunded to some 370 payday lending consumers
  • 10,882 consumer calls and emails answered
  • 1,787 general release movies and trailers classified
  • Travellers were refunded over $13,359 through BC’s Travel Assurance Fund
  • Consumers and businesses accessed information on our website almost 1.2 million times
  • The year ended with a Facebook community of more than 43,000 consumers and our blog content was read 204,000 times

Find out more about our activities last year by reading the 2016 Annual Report and financial statements in full.

About Consumer Protection BC:
Consumer Protection BC is the regulator of a variety of industries and specific consumer transactions in the province. Our mandate is to license and inspect our regulated businesses, respond to consumer inquiries, investigate alleged violations of consumer protection laws, classify all general release motion pictures and provide information so consumers can self-assess the fairness of a transaction. Our vision is a province where all citizens of BC are empowered in their transactions as a result of rigorous and consistent business compliance and through the provision of information.

For more information about our organization, please visit our corporate website at www.consumerprotectionbc.ca. You can also follow Consumer Protection BC on Twitter @ConsumerProBC, like us on Facebook and read our blog for valuable consumer tips and resources.


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