March 24, 2020

On the behalf of all of us at Consumer Protection BC and our Board of Directors, I am writing to you today to tell you about what you can expect from us as we navigate this global crisis together.

It has been over a week now since we made the decision to move all our employees to a remote work environment for health and safety reasons. Rest assured that we remain functioning and “open for business.” Our company spirit and resolve are strong, and we continue to reposition ourselves to help you navigate this current reality as best we can. You may be finding yourself in a place of economic and social uncertainty: uncertainty which is made more difficult with rapidly changing scenarios and, sometimes, confusing information.

Timely and accurate information is key right now and we are committed to providing you with factual and immediate updates through our website, email and social media channels.

For our licensed businesses, we understand our responsibilities as a regulator are to deliver on certain services. We will continue to reach out to you with information regarding licensing and inspections and invite you to reach out to us with your questions or concerns.

For our consumers, we recognize you may require referrals and information you can trust. We have also created some new ways to try to help – you can now report unfair business practices related to the COVID-19 situation using an anonymous tip form on our website. You can also reach out to us as usual via our toll-free number (1.888.564.9963) during regular business hours.

We believe it is important to be thoughtful and caring during this time of uncertainty and we also understand our role as a regulator for British Columbia. Even though these two things may seem to be at odds at times, we are committed to continuing to operate as the regulator you expect of us while, at the same time, remaining compassionate towards your individual needs. We are working to balance these objectives to the best of our ability during this difficult and evolving time and ask for your patience and trust while we navigate these waters.

What matters most to us right now is that each one of you stays healthy and safe and for you to take all necessary precautions to ensure the health of the people around you.

For timely information, we invite you to watch our website and follow our social media channels:

With patience, calm and effective communication, we will work with you to move through this crisis together. Please stay safe and healthy.


Robert Gialloreto
President & CEO
Consumer Protection BC