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 Consumer Protection BC licences and regulates Home Inspectors in the province of BC. To learn more check out the information below: 

1. Q: What exactly is a home inspection? 

2. Q: is a contract required when receiving a home inspection, and if so what should be included?

3. Q: Is a garage or carport included in a home inspection?

4. Q: Once the inspection is complete should I receive something in writing?

5. Q: Can a home inspector share information from the home inspection to anyone else?

1. A: Consumer Protection BC defines a home inspection as: A Home Inspectors opinion as to the condition of a residential dwelling, or property, based on a visual examination of readily accessible features and components of the dwelling or property. 

2. A: Yes! A home inspector must provide you with a contract and the contract must contain specific information. To review view section 12. of the Home Inspector Licesning Regulation. 

 3. A: Yes, under the Home Inspection Licensing Regulations a home inspection contract cannot exclude garages or carports, regardless of if they are attached to a dwelling or not. 

4. A: Yes, the home inspection report must be in writing and must contain certain information, such as the opinion on the condition of each of the things the home inspection contract stated the licensee would    inspect. For a full list of the requiements review Section 13. of the Home Inspector Licensing regulation. 

5. A: No, the home inspector must not disclose the contents of a home inspection report except in specific situations. for a full list review section 9. of the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation.