Home Inspector Consumer Rights

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Consumer Protection BC licenses and regulates home inspectors within BC. Home Insectors within BC must hold a license with us and also are required to comply with the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, along with the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation. 

Consumer Protection BC defines a home inspector as the following: 

'A person operating in BC, who is engaging in the business or occupation of providing opinions as to the conditions of a residental dwelling or property based on a visual examination of readily accessible features and components of the dwelling or property'. 

Home Inspector Insurance

All home inspectors within BC are required to carry insurance policies in case their errors or omissions cause losses to contracting consumers. 

Disclosure of a Home Inspector Report 

A home inspector is not allowed to disclose contents of a home inspection report, except in certain circumstance, for example, an inspector could share contents of your report if you provided them permission, or they may also be able to share the report if the contents contained, in their opinion a serious health or safety risk.

Required Content in a Home Inspector Contract 

If you sign a contract with a home inspector for an inspection the inspector is obligated to provide specific details within this contract. Some of the required information is: the address of the property to be inspected, what will be covered by the home inspection, whether they will, or will not be inspecting for mould or asbestors and whether they will be using invasive or non-invasive procedures in the inspection. 

For a full list of the contract requirements view Sec. 12 of the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation. 

Required Content in a Home Inspector Report 

Once a contracted home inspector has completed a home inspection they are required to provide you with a report. This report sets out an opinion on the condition of each of the things that the home inspection contract requires the home inspector to inspect and it must be in writing.        
The report is required to contain specific information, such as the any items where the home inspector recomends that the consumer obtain expert advice and also things such as the consumer's name and address. 

For a full list of the required report contents view Sec. 13 of the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation

Please note, as the regulator of the home inspection sector, Consumer Protection BC will review consumer complaints received against a home inspector, and, if necessary investigate the situation. However, Consumer Protection BC is unable to determine quality or accuracy of the home inspection, or disputes related to any potential error, or omission on the part of the inspector.  If you feel you have suffered losses or damages after a home inspection, exceeding the cost of the inspection must be pursued independently by the consumer in court.