Consumer Protection Laws in BC

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To better understand your rights as a consumer, it is useful to understand B.C. consumer protection law. Consumer Protection BC provides individuals with information and assistance wherever possible, but does not generally prosecute cases for individuals. We give priority to complaints of obvious public interest that affect many individuals and involve significant losses or vulnerable and elderly victims.

We also investigate consumer complaints, seek redress for consumers who have been treated improperly by a business and work with businesses to ensure that they are complying with consumer protection laws in BC.

Consumer Protection BC investigates possible violations of the following acts:

These consumer laws prohibit businesses from performing certain actions that may be harmful to consumers. If a business does something prohibited, it may be subject to administrative action (such as penalties) under one of the statutes. More serious cases and violations may be prosecuted.

The legislative framework for Consumer Protection BC consists of three consumer protection statutes and a number of related regulations. Please select from the menu on the left to view the legislation. You may also visit the BC Laws website for access to the current laws of British Columbia.