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When communicating with a debt collector its best to do it in writing.  Below are some forms that you can fill out and send to the debt collector.  Remember to keep a copy for yourself and a record that the communication was sent. 

Request communication in writing only
Request communication be done through your lawyer
Dispute a debt
Stop the calls because you are not the debtor

If you have sent a completed form from above to the debt collector and the collection practices continue, you can fill out the Debt Collection Complaint Form and submit it to us.  Remember to include a proof that you have asked the debt collector to stop the behaviour.

If you are making a request to one of the companies below, try using our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. ODR is an online tool that consumers can use to communicate with the business.  Its convenient, free and easy to use.  
·        ARO Inc.
·        Collections With Class (International Credit Assistance Ltd.)
·        Credit Bureau of Canada Collections (Collectcents Inc.)
·        CBV Collection Services Ltd.

If you have a claim against a debt repayment agency, you can complete the Debt Repayment Agent Claim Form.