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How to become a home inspector in BC: 
If you are thinking about becoming a licensed home inspector in BC, this information is for you.  

In addition to the information below you can click here find out more about Consumer Protection BC's role in the home inspection sector, recent changes to the law, qualifications for licensing, and other requirements such as insurance, declarations and criminal record checks. You can also click here to see graphical representation of the steps to become a licensed home inspector.

Under the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation,  in order to qualify for a licence, a person must do the following:
  1. Complete an approved educational program. More information on approved educational programs;
  2. Pass a designated exam from one of the four designated examiners. More information on designated home inspector exams;
  3. Complete 50 hours of practical training by accompanying on home inspections an approved home inspector (trainer) who has completed at least 250 home inspections. Please click here to read about the practical training requirements.
  4. Submit a peer recommendation letter signed by an approved evaluator, that attests to the fact the person has the knowledge and ability necessary to conduct home inspections and prepare home inspection reports. Overall, the peer recommendation letter must meet the following criteria:
    • It must be from a different person than the one with whom the practical training was done. This person must have completed at least 1000 home inspections and be approved by Consumer Protection BC. The list of approved home inspectors who have completed 1000 home inspections and are available for peer recommendation purposes is here.
    • It must be based on a trial home inspection conducted by the peer reviewer who has signed the recommendation letter;
    • It must also be based on a home inspection report that was prepared as a result of that trial home inspection.
    • Please click here to read about the peer review requirements