Funeral Apprenticeships

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Students who are enrolled in an accredited funeral services program in BC must apply for an apprenticeship licence with Consumer Protection BC in order to carry out the practical components of their program. Application forms and instructions are listed below. Further information about education in the funeral services industry can be obtained by contacting British Columbia Funeral Association

Important Update on Levels of Supervision of Apprentices

On March 1, 2016, the BC government announced changes to the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Regulations that provide for progressive levels of supervision for licensed funeral director apprentices and licensed embalmer apprentices. The changes took effect on April 1, 2016.
Who is an apprentice and what levels of supervision do they require?
An apprentice is anyone enrolled in a formal funeral directing or embalming education program designated under the Industry Training Authority Act. Under the BC Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act however, anyone who is acting as an apprentice to a funeral director or embalmer must also be licensed by Consumer Protection BC.
If an apprentice funeral director has completed fewer than 1,800 hour of practical training AND completed less than 25 funeral contracts, a licensed funeral director MUST be physically present with and providing direct supervision to the apprentice funeral director whenever:  

1. The apprentice is involved in the negotiation or signing of an at-need funeral contracts; 
2. The arrangement, conduct or direction of a funeral or memorial service; 
3. The apprentice is involved in the arranging for the interment or cremation of human remains; 
4. The apprentice is involved with the care preparation of human remains prior to disposition. 

An apprentice funeral director may transfer human remains provided that they do so under the general direction of a licensed funeral director, similar to how a funeral director would guide any other unlicensed individual conducting a transfer under the direction of a funeral director. 
If an apprentice embalmer has completed less than 1,800 hour of practical training AND completed less than 25 embalmings, a licensed embalmer MUST be physically present with and providing direct supervision to the apprentice whenever the apprentice embalmer is engaged in the disinfection, preservation, preparation or restoration of the human remains.    

The physical presence and direct supervision of a licensed funeral director or licensed embalmer with an apprentice  is not required when an apprentice is performing duties that fall outside those of a funeral director or embalmer, such as washing cars; answering telephones; handing out price lists, as these duties may also be performed by unlicensed employees. 

Once an apprentice has completed the required 1,800 hour of practical training AND the completion of 25 funeral contracts (for funeral director apprentices) or 25 embalmings (for embalmer apprentices), the levels of supervision is reduced to require that the apprentice have access to and to be able to readily communicate with a licensed funeral director (for funeral director apprentices) or a licensed embalmer (for embalmer apprentices).  

  1. Application Form - Download
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  3. Supervisor & Facilty Declaration - Download
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